2017 Junior Gold Championships coming to Cleveland, OH (July 15-22, 2017).

2017 Junior Gold Championships coming to Cleveland, OH (July 15-22, 2017)

Another Chance to Qualify at Our Season Opener Tournament
Sunday 9:00AM, October 16, 2016
AMF Hall of Fame Lanes
Canton, OH
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If you paid for a Junior Gold Membership at the 2016 Pepsi Tournament please note that the membership alone does not get you a spot in Junior Gold.  You must earn that spot by entering Junior Gold Qualifying Tournaments and earning a spot via a 1:4-8 ratio. The ratio for a specific tournament can be found in the Tournament Rules.  Participants who advance to Junior Gold from the 2016 Pepsi Tournament can be found here.

For 2017, the Youth Singles Handicap Tournament will be an open format.  Anyone can enter the District Qualifiers.  You do not need to qualify on the center level.  If you wish to register, click here for the form and mailing information.  Your center CAN send your entries in for you.

Our Mission

The Ohio State USBC Youth is part of the premier international youth membership    organization (USBC) in the sport of tenpin bowling.

We are committed to providing fun, excitement and opportunities for the personal growth of youth.

2016-17 Junior Gold Qualifying Opportunites